About Cloud VoIP

Welcome to Cloud VoIP Ltd

Founded in 2013, Cloud VoIP limited is young generation VoIP Wholesale & Retail Operator. Cloud VoIP limited is one of the leading next generation Telecom services providers on the Globe, having its immense focus in the VoIP domain. Main focus of Cloud VoIP limited is provides VoIP Wholesale & Retail Telecom Services.

Cloud VoIP limited deals in buying & selling wholesale & Retail minutes. With a strong dedication to achieving technical excellence and providing customers with reliable solutions, our services are equally attractive to wholesale and retail service providers. We also provide to smaller carriers looking for reliable routing partners.

Cloud VoIP limited terminates large quantities of telecom traffic worldwide. Due to our sizeable traffic in wholesale minutes, we have some of the best international rates in the industry, and therefore are able to pass these savings to our clients. It provides A-Z voice termination through interconnections with Tier 1 Providers. The quality of our connections is simply best possible. High ASR & short PPD witness the high standard of our system. The Cloud VoIP limited network is supported by a 24/7 network-operation-centre, ensuring the constant quality of our service.

Join us today for mutual benefits of VoIP call termination technology.

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