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Global Voice Termination is the main focus of our service. We deal with Wholesale Volume of Traffic for A to Z destinations. Cloud VoIP limited has Global Reputation for its unique services. We provide high quality unmatched services aggressive rate. Service is the main consideration for our policy of business rather than any others. We have completed our services criteria in different segmentations:

Wholesale Services

Cloud VoIP limited is an international carrier for voice traffic with over 200 interconnects across the world, and specializing in African , Middle East & Asian Countries.

Direct Wholesale Termination

Cloud VoIP limited provides wholesale termination to most demanded destination.

  • UK
  • Canada
  • China
  • USA
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh etc.

VoIP Termination

Cloud VoIP limited terminate millions of minutes for long distance, mobile, local access carriers and prepaid service providers from around the world. We are seeking for Termination and Origination partners worldwide.

Along with Cloud VoIP limited advanced VoIP, Direct Termination, and our Wholesale A-Z Origination & Termination offers operators with precisely the tools to execute dependable and steady telecommunication system and realizing the full potential of your business to be more competitive and globally-established.

Cloud VoIP limited offers Wholesale A-Z Origination & Termination services across at a very excellent price and toll quality. To guarantee that linked VoIP carriers, whether through one-sided or two-sided agreements, are being offered the maximum quality of wholesale carrier services, we constantly monitor the traffic on our wholesale ring.

Cloud VoIP limited provides global telecom operators with highly efficient, real-time intelligent A-Z service with

  • Speedy and convenient system interconnection and pairing.
  • Low transaction threshold with no minimum traffic.
  • QoS (Quality of Service) based LCR (Least cost routing).
  • 24X7 professional operational support that ensures reliability and efficiency.
  • Global A-Z termination, excellent quality, highly efficient, flexible.

Join us today for mutual benefits of VoIP call termination technology.

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